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Holly Love

Holly Love

I am a hard working, fun loving & creative Sagittarius.  I got my first name because it rhymed with “Wally” & yes, my last name & hair color are both real.  As a kid, I measured time in Fraggle Rock Episodes & feared spiders, Circus Circus & bodily smells.  I caught the acting bug after my first play at age 10.  At age 12, my dreams of being the next “Anne of Green Gables” where dashed upon missing my big callback for “Kids Incorporated” due to my mom NOT being willing to move us to NYC.

On a more professional note: I am the Creator / Owner / Producer / Host of Talk 365 TV & Digital Media Marketing.  Talk 365 TV is a TV Show that Airs Weekdays at 6:30 am on Utah’s CW30. On our show, we highlight businesses &/or events to strategically utilize our talk show platform to create unique, high end, pre-produced TV Interview Segments. These segments are designed to provide powerful video content & media exposure that convert viewers into buyers both short term while airing on TV & long term being utilized online as digital media marketing content.



As an adult, I still love acting & performing but I have also mastered the art of one arm swimming, spelling phonetically & bladder control.  I tried mustard for the first-time last year & love it! I also love roller coasters, sushi, EDM Concerts & hard-core Gangster Rap.  I hate “Haunted Houses”, the fluff balls that form on sweaters, rude drivers & close talkers.  In my spare time I take a lot of nutritional supplements & enjoy running, hiking & organizing my collection of wild stretchy pants.


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