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Silvia Landa

Silvia Landa

Silvia Landa was born and raised in a town call Trujillo in La Libertad, Peru. From a young age she knew that she wanted to be around cameras and television. Moving to Utah is where she calls home and was able to accomplish many of her career goals. She got her Associate’s Degree through Itineris Early College High School partnered with Salt Lake Community College in 2012. Later she continued her education focusing on her Bachelor’s of Science in Digital Film & Video Production; at The Art Institute of Salt Lake City. Graduating in 2014. That same year Silvia met Holly Love and she became her intern during Talk 365 TV’s early beginnings. After a few years of pursuing her field and skill growth, Talk 365 TV calls Silvia to become the Production Manager overseeing multiple parts of the production and post production of the show.

Fun Facts

Dance is Life:
I’ve done ballet for a total of 8 years and now I’m part of a Folkloric Latin dance group call Latin Dance Heritage

Spiders/ crawlers, bees, I’ve been stung 3 times!!! , I also fear heights but I can do roller coasters and airplanes just fine!

I love organizing so much that everything is color coordinated and broken into sections

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